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How Can a Small Shophouse in Jakarta be Transformed into a World-Class Hostel?

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How Can We Merge Our Digital and Physical Communities?

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We design innovative spaces, from a small hostel to a city network.

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How Can We Reduce Global Overfishing?

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How Can We Rapidly Fabricate Natural Shelters in Extreme Climates?

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We create spatial art to engage and inspire.

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What Would a Reading Room for Obsolescence Look Like?

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We're your one-stop business shop, from brand to storefront.

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How is Systems Thinking Pushing Design Thinking?

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We engage design research to discover new potentials.

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We help see what does not yet exist.

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How Can Standard Building Parameters Help Reimagine the High-Rise?


Can Architecture Help Enable Economic Resurgence?


How Can Digital Processes Help Reinvent Design Classics?

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We make engaging publications, from copy to layout.

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Can Waste and Food Production Be Managed for a City Block?