lancaster energy modeling

How can energy modeling be used to make better remodeling decisions ?

This is part of an ongoing research project done in collaboration with Marilyn Moedinger of Runcible Studios and Dan Weissman, based on Marilyn's research into the environmental qualities of vernacular architecture from the 18th century in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

Urbain DRC assisted in producing digital models of multiple buildings and then ran a digital energy analysis using both contemporary and historical weather data to estimate how the building’s thermal comfort and energy use has changed since the buildings were built in an effort to better understand architectural sustainability principals in the historical context. The project looked at multiple building construction types (wood and stone) and looked at the energy efficiency of the buildings over time as well as how they would perform if renovated to current high-efficiency building standards. This research resulted in the production of multiple data visualizations of the research findings in order to easily compare and communicate the data generated from one trial to the next. The research was presented by Marilyn Moedinger at the International Council of Monuments and Sites conference in November 2014, as well as the Vernacular Architecture Forum in June 2015.