How is systems thinking pushing design thinking?

Lunch is the student design journal at the University of Virginia School of Architecture. Founded in 2006, the journal originally featured only faculty and student work at U.Va., and has since evolved to include guest lectures, interviews, and work in the broader design community. In collaboration with other editors, we were involved with editing, curating, designing, and publishing two main issues, as well as initiating a new bimonthly journal.

Volume 6 focused on design and systems-thinking, positing that "component parts are better understood as participants within a network of relationships and interconnections rather than in static, figural isolation." The volume, edited by Beth Bailey, Jack Cochran, Joey Hays, and Charles Sparkman, explored projects that represent the rapid growth of the design disciplines as they engage an unprecedented range of issues. The journal features student and faculty work, as well as essays by and interviews with Inaki Alday, Margarita Jover, Eva Franch i Gilabert, Catherine Seavitt, and Julian Raxworthy.

Volume 7: Conversations was edited by Nate Burgess, Jack Cochran, Joey Hays, and Nicole Keroack, and returned to the purpose of the journal's founding - to engage in dialogue with the varying and conflicting viewpoints present even within the school itself. Sections of the journal were divided by topics ranging from  representation to agency to maintenance, with opposing articles and projects set at odds with one another. The edition featured interviews with Rafael Moneo, Geoff Manaugh, Levi Bryant, Camilo Restrepo, and Eduardo Arroyo.

In 2012, we initiated a new subsidiary publication, Snacks, focusing on a single topic and operating on a bimonthly basis. The first, S01: Kate Orff - Design and Activism, featured an interview with and lecture by the SCAPE Studio founder. S01 explored several of Ms. Orff's projects, including "Oystertecture" (SCAPE's submission to the Rising Currents Exhibition at MOMA) and her recent collaboration with Robert Misrach,Petrochemical America, including many of her exemplary infographics about the Louisiana region. S01 was edited and curated by Danielle Alexander, Jack Cochran, and Nick Knodt, and received a Student Design Merit Award from the Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.