How Can a Small Shophouse in Jakarta be Transformed into a World-Class Hostel?

Having rented an existing shophouse in the historic center of Jakarta, Indonesia, our clients at Teduh Hostel sought to create a comfortable, chic home for international travelers, blending Indonesian and western motifs together. We were asked to provide social spaces for travelers, including lounging and eating areas, as well as maximize the amount of beds that could be provided in the narrow shophouse.

Our theme was borrowed from the name itself: "Teduh," which means "shade" in Indonesian. We created a ceiling that sought to bring an identity to the brand, rooted in varied lighting conditions above the guests. Using local bamboo and plywood, the ceiling blocks light upon entering the hostel and reveals it through striated bamboo from the opposite direction. The ceiling is held aloft by vertical strips of plywood, which connect and become many of the tables and surfaces in the hostel, including the reception desk at front.

We also created custom furniture, cabinetry, and bunks for the hostel, linking the rooms together through light and dark-stained wood. A green wall leads guests from the reception up stairs to the bedrooms.

Construction of the hostel took approximately five months. The images below showcase several steps during the process, from the initial condition of the shophouse to just before opening.

Teduh Hostel opened in late 2014. Finished rooms include a kitchen and eating area, reception and lounge, a back seating area, and two floors of bunk space, providing privacy and flexibility for guests. Bedrooms provide single and double beds, as well as the ability to close off sections for guests who prefer single-gender areas.